Finance Sub-Committee


Designation Name
Chairperson Teacher-in-Charge and Secretary (G.B)
Member Dr. Samit Paul
Sri Sukdeb Pal
Sri Kashinath Bagchi
Sri Asish Kumar Chattopadhyay
Sri Argha Chowdhury
Smt. Priyanka Pal
G.S (Student’s Union)


  1. Recommend certain necessary expenditure.
  2. Prepare budget for the financial year.
  3. Go through the audit report and take necessary decisions.
  4. Supervise major financial transactions
  5. Allow tender invitations and propose for alternative source of income.


  1. Recommended the necessary expenditures (recurring or non-recurring) to be made to the GB.
  2. Can sanction necessary expenditure or financial decision already taken.